Didn't there used to be a site here?

Yes, there was. However, due to an ancient site promoting an obsolete kickball team, which I was still running elsewhere on the server, hackers found a backdoor and made a general nuisance of themselves. I intend to make a nice new fancy site that shows off all my art, animation and web work. However, I'm also a busy guy. With the whole work/family thing going on, i haven't really felt like rushing out to reclaim a small part of the internet. In the mean time, you have several fun-filled options!

Option 1: Please wait here indefinitely, refreshing every few minutes, as you wait excitedly for me to make a new website. NOTE: This may take me months to get around to.

Options 2: Have a look at my blog, "This Doesn't Suck".

Option 3: Check out my day job at the PFD Studios company website.